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You are also read previous article how to mentally relax now be are start talking about how to physically relax. As you know today working life is very affected to over body so our body wants a proper relax. So today i m trying some relaxing activities to relax our body.
Theirs some steps "How to Physically Relax".

Step 1: " First, we want you to fantasize that it is a warm spring day and you are lying in the bottom of a caunoe on a very serene lake. You are looking up at a blue sky with lazy, floating clouds. Do not allow any other thought to creep in. Just concentrate on this picture and keep foreign thoughts out, particularly thoughts with any movement "

Step 2: " In the second sleep - producing fantasy, imagine that you are in a big, black, velvet hammock and everywhere you look ia black. You must also hold this picture for ten seconds.   "

Step 3: " The third  trick is to say the words 'don't think. . . don't think. . . don't think', etc.
Hold this, blanking out other thoughts for at least ten seconds. "

" If you get "your mind clear of any active thoughts for just ten seconds, you will be asleep. "

Now we are done  like whole activities physically & mentally. Now you relax n share this post to your social platforms.

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