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Ganesh Chaturthi GIFS.

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated every year to acknowledge the worth of Lord Ganesha. This pious festival is observed in the month of August or September for a duration of 10 days. This year Vinayak Chaturthi will being from September 13 and end on September 23 as this is the Hindu month of Bhadrapada.
Ganesh Chaturthi comes with a belied that Lord Ganesha himself arrives on earth to bless his devotees. Everyone who whole heartedly worship Ganpati at this festival gets all his obstacles removed by the power gets of his blessings. The God of new beginnings is also known as being Vighnaharta as he takes away all pain from the lives of his devotees.
People all around our nation engage themselves completely in preparations of welcoming him. Pandals are made and decorated, delicacies are prepared, Idols are installed as a part of the celebration to make Ganpati happy.

Ganesh Chaturthi GIFS.

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