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Friendship Day 2018 it is best day today Best Quotes With Images for Friendship day for friend.

A friend is a part of his/her life. And best friends are soul of our body. Thats one only you can trust on this and share her life secret and anything what you say not to anyother. Friendship Day is the best day and also best way to share and express your feelings to your besties.

Friendship Day 2018 special quotes

'' You are unique in the world,
there's no other person i can,
share so many things with and
that's why i love being your friend. ''

'' Friends forever and ever,
our friendship will last for good. ''

'' A valuable friend can not be forgeten,
a good friend like you,
i will be looking after until the end. ''

'' A good friend is someone who gives advice you can count on and warms your heart. ''

'' You are my treasure,
a sister who guides me in darkness.
Thanks a lot for being who you are dear friend.''

can take us apart, we are and will,
always be friends forever. ''

'' Your friendship is somethings i'm,
grateful for my life, you are the
best, my special friend , I love You. ''
' Friend, I've had some experience in life,
but the degrest ones were by your side. ''

'' Years can go by, we can grow older but friendship will
remains intact through the years. '' 

'' You are my great friend because only you understand me
without pleasing me, because you can hear all my problems in silence. ''

'' I would change you for nobody
my friend as there's no other 
person as special as you. '' 

'' That special friend everyone want to
have is mine and it's you my friend. ''

'' Friends, Friendship are synonyms of your name. ''

'' You can't look for good friends in
life, they show up from nowhere 
and stay in our heart forever. ''

'' Seeing you motivates me to give out 
the best from me, talking to makes
me feel better, I'm lucky to be your 
friend. ''

" friends in good and bad times...
forever... ''

Now, this is our collection for friendship day. Share this post to your besties and express how they were important your life.
Share this post more and more your friends, besties..

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