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Yoga Day 2018 Special: Meetings of Spirit with Spirit is Yoga

Today we are aware of all Yoga words, some call it yoga and know something named Yoga.

Travel from Yoga to Yoga is too long. Spread such ancient India was started in Yoga West and liked the way Rama Rama and Krishna Krishna Similarly yoga has become yoga.

As overseas went growing popularity of yoga, so the tradition of an ancient India begin to gain your lost in India. There are some familiar in some form of home - home yoga morning and evening people in parks and on rooftops can be seen while Asanas or pranayama.
In the last few years the trend of Yoga in India has increased rapidly. People have now become more aware of their health than ever before. On the initiative of India the United Nation declared International yoga day on June 21 by taking an important decision in 2015. This year too, yoga programs are being organized in approximately 190 countries of the world on 21 June.

Why Yoga Day Is On June 21

There are both scientific and traditional reasons for choosing the date of june 21 for the international Yoga Day. Astronomers say that the sun moves in two ways - Uttarayan and Scythian. On the 21st Of the month of june, the sun changes it's speed.,i.e. from Uttarayan to southward direction. This is natural Change.
When the sun comes in the density, the sun's that and light also decreases. Meaning, changes occur in the weather suddenly. With this, the germs that produce many kinds of disease on the part of the earth start their work, and the chances of getting sick begin to increase. Yoga has a positive effect on health. Therefore, to keep your body and mind healthy, yoga is very important. That is ehy the first day of this climate change was selected as International Yoga Day.

Medicines only eliminate diseases that are coming. In that too, Ayurvedic medicines only slow down the diseases that occur, and english medicine suppresses one disease, insted of causing ten diseases in place of it. Someone has told the truth that 'Prcaution is better than cure' means that medicines only eliminate disease coming, but yoga provides complete health.

Yoga only is easy - pranayama

Today only a few beads and pranayamas are considered yoga. But the truth is that the scope of yoga is not limited to just a few simple pranayam. Its scope is quite large. Asana and pranayama are just like two pillars standing in the corner of a big building which are giving it support but onlu the two pillars are not built on the building. Similarly, Asana and Pranayam also gave pillars in the yoga style. Who has kept the building handy. It means that yoga is not just asana and pranayama buy yam, rule, asana, pranayama, withdrawal, preception, meditation and samadhi. Yoga is accomplished from these organs.

Yama - Nonviolence, not speaking lies, do not greed, do not speak abusive, not being obsessed with the subjects, these are the five Yama.

Rule - These five rules are the surrender to cleanliness, satisfaction, penance, study, God.

Asana - 'Stable Sukhan Asanam' means the action of sitting and sitting comfortably is the asana.

Pranayama - The only way to regulate your breath is the prayanama.

Pratyahar - Removal of mind from outside things.

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Perception - Focus on one goal.

Focus - Attention is focused on which contemplates them.

Samadhi - Merging meditation into consciousness.

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