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Top Proposal Status For Whatsapp & Facebook

Propose Status Brings An Opportunity for lovet to say their Feelings at eotld. Propose status help to present adorable thinking about love. Propose status means expose the hidden fillings of mind and informing the attraction of affection to loving person. Everyone searches a way to propose whom they have crush. This is high time to open your door of love and that your heart what it want to say. Helping you, we delivered some romantic love propose status along with some of the best love propose status with images for Whatsapp & Facebook.
In this post be collected best ever romantic propose status with images short proposes status propose quotes and funny message of propose. Don't be late, why school town pick up spontaneously the sweetest lines of propose status for your love surely those are enough to melt you both.

1." My star must feel lucky one that is why I got a friend like you I am so glad that you are a part of my life stay with me forever
Happy propose day... "

2. "I have so many nights in your dreams for your love, and I don't want my son to repeat that for your daughter so let me that make mother and sister...."

3."would you be the mother of my kids? Happy Mothers Day to you from my children. Will you marry me...?
Happy propose day......"

4. "Love you Singh someone even with closed eyes it is leaving for someone at finding someone in every thought that the someone weaving for you Happy propose day...."

5." We pass in life through many road; some are easy some are tough. Some are low some are high. But the time we met was divine. Bcoz we became friends there forever..."

6. " Yo make me happy in way no else can do. So there is only two times I want To be with you. Niw and Forever...."

7. "You are my best friend, my Dairy, my better half. You mean the world. And I love you. You have no idea how fast my heart
Beats when I see you...."

8."I love my eyes when you look into them; I love my name when you say it. I love my heart when you touch it. I love my life and you're apart of it..."

9. "I may not be your first sight love, first kiss, first etc what I want to be your last everything. Love is not what men think what were the head feels. And I have a strong feeling for you.

10. " I miss you everyday, I need You everyday, I feel You minute. I want you every secondand i love you ever. I want to you a little candel in your life that may touch your heart in a little while it burn and give you light.

So these were the nearest collection of awesome propose Day message text and image you may also use our HD wallpaper and propose HD images as profile picture.

How do you like it? If you like it please do appreciate our food by sharing it with your friends and loved ones on Facebook WhatsApp text message sms or on Twitter give your honest feedback in comment section.

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