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X-Mas/ Chirstmas 2019 Wishing Quotes

The First Recorded Date Of Chirtmas Being Celebration On December 25th Was In 336, During The Time Of The Roman Emperor Constantine (He Was The First Chirstian Roman Emperor). AFew Years Later, Pope Julius I Officially Decleared That Birth Of Jesus Would Be Celebrate On The 25th Decemeber.

1. Bells Are Ringing The Wishes Of Chirstmas Day The Flying Solnowflakes sendy Most Sincere Blessings To You Merry Chirtmas.

2. May The Joy And Peace Of Chirstmas Be With
you All Though The Year. Wishing You A Session Of Blessings From Heaven Above.
Happy Christmas.

3. May Your World Be Filled With Warmth And 
GoodChear This Holy Season, And Thoughout The Year.Wish Your Chirstmas Be Filled With Peace And Love.

4. A lot of presnts Under the Chirtmas tree green, Goodies for the Chirstmas table, Great family atmosphere, melody filled with traditional Pllolish Chirstmas carols, as well as a shotgun, bubble Year's Eve and Dreams come true in the

New Year wishes...
Goodmorning & Merry Chirstmas

5. Chirstmas Greetings From our House to yours, May the Season be bright and the year that's Ahead turn out to be just right. With Warmest Wishes For Good Health And Happiness. Have A Very Merry Chirstmas And A Wonderful New Year.

6. Chirstmas Is Not A Time Nor A Season, But a State Of Mind. To Cherish Peace And Goodwill, To Be Plentenous In Mercy, Is To Have The Real Spirit Of Chirstmas.

7. "Chirstmas Is A Day Of Meaning And Traditions, A Special Day Spent In The Warm Circle Of Family And Friends".

8. Chirstmas Is A Necessity. There Has To Be At    Least One Day Of The Year To Remind Us That We're Here For Something Else Besides  Ourselves.

9. "I Don't Think Chirstmas In Necessarily About  Things. It's About Being Good To One Another,It's About the Chirstian ethic, It's About Kindness."

10. "The Joy Of Brightening Other Lives, Bearing Each Other's Burdens, Easing Other's Load,
And Supplanting Empty Hearts And Lives
WithGenerous Gifts Becomes For Us The , Magic Of The Holidays."

11. "Chirstmas Is A Season For Kindling The 🔥Fire For Hospitality In The Hall, The Genial Flame Of Charity In The Heart".

12. "Chirstmas Is Doing A Little Something Extra For Someone."

13. "Gifts Of Time And Love Are Surely The Basic Ingredients Of A Truly Merry  Christmas."

14. "Chirstmas Isn't Season. It's A Feeling."

15. "The Best Of All Gifts Around Any Chirstmas 🌲 Tree: The Presence Of A Happy Family All Wrapped In Each."

16. "At Chirstmas, All Roads Lead Home."

17. "I Will Honor Chirstmas In My Heart, And Try  To Keep It All The Year."

18. "Chirstmas Waves A Magic Wand Over This World, And Behold, Everything Is Softer And More Beautiful."

19. "Every Gift Which Is Given, Even Though Is Be Small, Is In Realty Great , If It Is Given Affection."

20. "When We Recall Chirstmas Past, We Usually Find That The Simplest Things- Not The Great Occasions - Give Off The Greatest Glow Of Happiness."

Marry Chirstmas To All......

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